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PhD Information

Advisor: Prof. Eduardo Guendelman

Research Interest:
Initial condition from the action principle and its application to cosmology and to false vacuum bubbles
My proposal is to use and further develop the technique that we have found to produce initial and
boundary conditions from variation of the action. As we will show, we can obtain the scalar field
initial and boundary condition. This technique can be of use for some application in physics as for
example, where we would like it to be at the false vacuum state in inflationary cosmology
concerning the question of the initial state of the Inflaton scalar field, which we take to be a Higgs
field. This tool can be used also for other kind of questions. We explore other kinds of actions where
initial or boundary condition can be obtained from them.

MSc Information

Advisor: Prof. Eduardo Guendelman

Mach Like Principle from Conserved Charges
We studied models where the gauge coupling constants, masses and the gravitational
constant are functions of some conserved charge in the universe, and furthermore a
cosmological constant that depends on the total charge of the universe. We first con-
sider the standard Dirac action, but where the mass and the electromagnetic coupling
constant are a function of the charge in the universe and afterwards extend this to
curved spacetime and consider gauge coupling constants, the gravitation constant and
the mass as a function of the charge of the universe, which represent a sort of Mach
principle for all the constants of nature.