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Yaakov Kleeorin


email: kleeorin@bgu.ac.il
Homepage: physics.bgu.ac.il/~kleeorin/

PhD Information

Advisor: Yigal Meir

The Two Impurity Anderson Model and its Physical uses

MSc Information

Advisor: Yigal Meir

Kondo effect in multidot Anderson Model


  • Large Tunable Thermophase in Superconductor – Quantum Dot – Superconductor Josephson Junctions (2016)
    Yaakov Kleeorin, Yigal Meir, Francesco Giazzotto, Yonatan Dubi, Scientific Reports 6, 35116 (2016)
  • The dynamics of Wolf numbers based on nonlinear dynamo with magnetic helicity: comparisons with observations (2016)
    Y. Kleeorin, N. Safiullin, N. Kleeorin, S. Porshnev, I. Rogachevskii, D. Sokoloff, MNRAS 460, 3960-3967 (2016)