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Dekel Shapira

PhD Student
Advisor: Prof. Doron Cohen

Office: 54/317

PhD Information

Advisor: Prof. Doron Cohen

I'm working on relaxation and spreading problems in disordered systems under the guidance of Prof. Doron Cohen.
My first project was concerned with the slowing-down of a pendulum's fall by stochastic force (animation, article).
In my second project I research the effects of "Topological disorder" on a two-channel system.

MSc Information

Advisor: Prof. Amiram Leviatan

I've done my MSc in The Hebrew University of Jerusalem under the supervision of Prof. Amiram Leviatan. My Thesis is titled “An Algebraic Approach to First-Order Quantum Phase Transitions Between Two Deformed Nuclear Shapes” and deals with finding a model with a coexistence of two deformed nuclear shapes under the IBM model. It can be found here