The Condensed Matter Theory (CMT) Group

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Amnon Aharony

Condensed matter theory; Spintronics.

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Magnetism and ferroelectricity in rare earth oxides

Phase measurements in quantum mechanics: The Aharonov-Bohm interferometer and quantum noise

Yshai Avishai

Condensed matter physics; Mesoscopic systems; Transport properties in one and two dimensional systems.


Yevgeny Bar Lev

Condensed matter theory, thermalization, nonequillibrium

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Shelomo Izhaq Ben-Abraham

Ordered aperiodic structures such as quasicrystals and modulated crystals.


Doron Cohen

Quantum chaos; Driven mesoscopic systems; Interplay of stochastic and coherent dynamics.

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Non-equilibrium steady state of stochastic circuits

Dynamics of condensed particles in a few site system

Anatoly Golub

Quantum Hall effect; Hall effect in unconventional superconductors.


Ora Entin-Wohlman

Condensed matter theory; Spintronics.

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Sergey Gredeskul

Quantum Hall effect; Incoherent mesoscopics; Vortices in superconductors


Eytan Grosfeld

Topological superconductors; Topological insulators; Non-Abelian anyons.


Topological Superconductors and Majorana Fermions

Baruch Horovitz

Superconductivity; Phase transitions of flux lattices; Josephson junctions.


Research Interests

Dganit Meidan

Topological phases of matter; interactions in low dimensional systems.


Yigal Meir

Mesoscopic systems; Disordered systems; Strongly correlated systems.

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Solving the "0.7 Anomaly"

Intracellular networks in bacteria

Moshe Schechter

Glasses; Disordered systems; Quantum magnetism.


Low temperature universality in disordered solids

Quantum disordered magnets