The Experimental Condensed Matter (CME) Group

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Shaul Goren

Electromagnetic and Thermal Processes in High Temperature Superconductors; Development and Application of Electrical and Electronic Superconducting Devices.


Gad Gorodetsky

Electronic Conductance in Strongly Correlated Systems (Manganites); Colossal Magnetoresistance; Magnetic Transport of Nano-size Granular Magnetic Structures.


Grzegorz Jung

Quantum Coherence; Vortex Matter; High-Tc Superconductivity; Noise, transport, and magnetic properties of strongly correlated systems.

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Coherent vortex motion in superconductors

Yigal Horowitz

Thermoluminesence and Thermoluminescent Dosimetry; Supralinearity and Efficiency of TL Materials; Radiation Detector Physics and Applications


Yishay Manassen

Single spin detection; STM of disordered surfaces; Studies of elastic properties in the nanometer scale.

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Noise spectroscopy of a single spin

Subsurface STM imaging of electrically floating islands

Daniel Rich

Optical and structural properties of Quantum Nanostructures; III-V (arsenides and nitrides) semiconductor thin films; Quantum wells.


Time-Resolved Cathodoluminescence Studies of Semiconductor Quantum Dots Grown On Silicon Substrates