Ram Brustein

Cosmology; String Theory; Black Holes

Zvi Citron

High energy nuclear physics; relativistic heavy ion collisions; ATLAS/LHC collaboration.

Aharon Davidson

Dilaton Gravity, Brane Gravity, Conformal Gravity; Classical/Quantum Cosmology; General Relativity; Kaluza-Klein theory; Grand Unification; The Standard Model

Eduardo Guendelman

Confinement of Quarks and Gluons; Cosmology; Baby Universes

Yevgeny Kats

Particle physics beyond the Standard Model. Interpretation of results from the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Measurement techniques and analysis methods for the LHC. Future colliders.

Michael Lublinsky

Quantum Chromo-Dynamics; Heavy Ion Collisions; Collider (LHC) Phenomenology

Amnon Moalem

Particle physics; Nuclear physics

David Owen

Quantum Electro-Dynamics; Quantum Chromo-Dynamics; General relativity