Physics Research Groups and Highlights

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home The Astrophysics and Cosmology Group
-- Manifestations of Exotic and New Physics in Nature / D. Eichler
-- Collisionless Shock Waves and the Origin of Cosmic Rays / D. Eichler
-- Space Weather / M. Gedalin
-- Collisionless shocks / M. Gedalin
-- The largest objects: galaxy clusters / U. Keshet
-- Black holes / U. Keshet
-- Pulsars / Y. Lyubarsky
-- Relativistic jets / Y. Lyubarsky

home The High Energy Physics (HEP) Group
-- Determining the nature of dark energy / R. Brustein
-- Particle physics and Cosmology in flux compactifications / R. Brustein
-- Vacuum Energy and Child Universes / E. Guendelman

home The Non-Linear Dynamics (NLD) Group
-- Mechanisms of Species Diversity Change in Stressed Environments / E. Meron
-- Non-equilibrium Localized Structures / E. Meron
-- On asymptotic integrability of perturbed evolution equations / Y. Zarmi
-- Stochastic analysis of algal-cell motion in bioreactors - effect on bio-mass productivity / Y. Zarmi

home The Lasers and Atomic Spectroscopy Groups
-- Probing dynamics and structure of molecules using laser spectroscopy / I. Bar
-- Label-free detection of nano-biochip arrays / I. Bar
-- The Atom Chip Group / R. Folman
-- Quantum Interferences and Lasing without inversion / R.Shuker

home The Condensed Matter Theory (CMT) Group
-- Magnetism and ferroelectricity in rare earth oxides / A. Aharony & O. Entin
-- Phase measurements in quantum mechanics: The Aharonov-Bohm interferometer and quantum noise / A. Aharony & O. Entin
-- Quantum stirring of particles in closed devices / D. Cohen
-- The theory of energy absorption and the conductance of closed rings / D. Cohen
-- Topological Superconductors and Majorana Fermions / E. Grosfeld
-- Interference in presence of dissipative environments - B. Horovitz
-- Solving the "0.7 Anomaly" - Y. Meir
-- Intracellular networks in bacteria - Y. Meir
-- Low temperature universality in disordered solids - M. Schechter
-- Quantum disordered magnets - M. Schechter

home The Experimental Condensed Matter (CME) Group
-- Coherent vortex motion in superconductors / J. Grzegorz
-- Noise spectroscopy of a single spin / Y. Manassen
-- Subsurface STM imaging of electrically floating islands / Y. Manassen
-- Time-Resolved Cathodoluminescence Studies of Quantum Dots / D. Rich
-- Pressure Induced Structural and Electrical Phase Transitions in disordered materials: Silicon monoxide and the Anderson transition / R. Shuker

home The Biophysics Group
-- Single Cell Dynamics / M. Feingold
-- Single Molecule Studies of DNA-protein interactions / M. Feingold
-- Internal dynamics of biological polymers: DNA molecules, actin filaments /O. Krichevsky
-- Bacterial nucleoid structure and dynamics and its interaction with the membrane /O. Krichevsky
-- Optical diagnosis using advanced spectroscopic and computational techniques / S. Mordechai

home The Ilse Katz Nano-Center