Brustein Ramy: Particle physics & Cosmology in flux compactifications

A novel view of the space of solutions of string theory is starting to emerge, "the stringy landscape" in which there is a very large number of candidate classical solutions - perhaps on the order of 10500. Only a very small fraction of these (less than 10-120) would have a small enough cosmological constant and will live long enough to be acceptable, and when additional conditions such as cosmological viability and particle physics constraints are added, this number will no doubt be substantially reduced. However, it is still likely to be extremely large.

Our main objective is to determine whether any of the solutions in the landscape is an acceptable solution that can be used as a viable model of cosmology and particle physics. We will need to determine a meaningful set of prior assumptions that can define what constitutes an acceptable solution and a viable model and determine their phenomenological consequences.

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