Bar Ilana: Label-free detection of nano-biochip arrays

we are studying biochip-arrays, which are concerned with the specific and simultaneous profiling of biological markers, while hosting recognition sites for the analysis of multiple parameters. We focus on the possibility of combining the nano fountain pen (NFP) method for printing nanoscale features with controlled surface densities with Raman and surface enhanced Raman spectroscopies for establishing a platform for imaging of protein-protein or antibody-protein interactions. It is recognized that common strategies used for creating biochips and for reading them have extensive limitations, motivating development of miniature biochips and label-free formats for identification of biochemical activities. The fusing of NFP with Raman spectroscopies will allow obtaining the fingerprints of the studied systems and assessing their response, which may lead to exquisite sensitivity and specificity in biodetection, improving medical diagnostics and biomedical research, and enabling monitoring of toxins and microorganisms in the environment (in collaboration with Dr. Gheber Levi A. - Department of Biotechnology Engineering).
Figure 1: The Raman spectra of deposited macro-drops of avidin and pre-formed avidin-biotin complex and of small spots of biotin (~ 4 $\mu$m diameter) printed with NFP onto smooth gold surfaces.