The Physics Department

Ben-Gurion University


One-Day Symposium on

Contemporary Problems in Condensed Matter Theory

March 9th, 2011



Subir Sachdev (Harvard) Maurice Rice (Zurich)

Duncan Haldane (Princeton)

Moshe Schechter (BGU) Achim Rosch (Cologne) Daniel Loss (Basel)

Organizer: Yigal Meir, BGU. For more information:

The lectures will take place at the Computer Science Auditorium, the Alon building for hi-tech  at BGU (building 37, see map).

This symposium is part of a two-day event at BGU, to followed on March 10th, by the Moshe Flato Lecture Series.

Transportation  Note that the trains to Beer Sheva will terminate at Kiryat Gat, where a shuttle to Beer Sheva will be provided. Please follow the train webpage for further details.