Research Workshop of the Israel Science Foundation
Quantum Mechanics at work: From Nuclear to Mesoscopic Physics

A conference celebrating Yshai Avishai’s 65th birthday
Princess Hotel, Eilat, Israel, January 17-19, 2003

  List of Speakers:      
  Y. Avron, Technion      
  Y. Band, Beer Sheva      
  J. T . Chalker, Oxford     Organizing Committee:
  P. Fulde, Dresden    
  M. Kohmoto, Tokyo    

Yuval Gefen,

  Z. Lipkin, Weizmann    
The Weizmann Institute
  J.-M. Luck, Saclay     Baruch Horovitz,
  Z. Ovadyahu, Jerusalem    
Ben-Gurion University
  J.-L. Pichard, Saclay     Yigal Meir,
  J. Shiraisi, Tokyo    

 Ben-Gurion University

A. Tonomura, Hitachi
K. Yakubo, Sapporo

The meeting will take place back to back with the DIP German-Israeli collaboration workshop, including groups from Hannover (R. Haug), Karlsruhe (G. SchÖn), Stuttgart (K. von Klitzing), Ben-Gurion University, the Technion and the Weizmann Institute, January 16-17, 2003.

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