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Small superconducting devices have provided a promising direction towards the building of a quantum computer. A crucial ingredient of superconducting qubit quality is their relaxation and decoherence times. Tunneling atomic size defects residing in both the Aluminum Oxide amorphous layer constituting the barrier in the Josephson junction and within other interfaces are responsible for a significant part in superconducting qubit noise, relaxation, and decoherence. The interaction between superconduting qubits and tunneling two-level systems in the amorphous barrier allows also for the first time the detailed study of single TLSs. These studies hold promise of enhancing our understanding of the nature and properties of TLSs, which are related to the universality of the low energy properties of disordered solids.

It is the purpose of this workshop to bring together experts in the field of superconducting qubits and in the field of tunneling two-level systems in amorphous solids at this time of synergy between the two fields, to exchange knowledge and ideas towards the advance of fundamental understanding and in view of possible future applications in quantum computation and material science.

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