Ben-Gurion University

of the Negev

An Israeli Science Foundation Workshop

Strong Interactions in Quantum Dots

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and the Weizmann Instititue of Science are sponsoring an Israeli Science Foundation Workshop on

Strong Interactions in Quantum Dots

which will take place at the Holiday-Inn Crown Plaze Dead-Sea resort hotel, October 25th - October 30th, 1997

The workshop will focus on the linkage between mesoscopic physics and strongly interacting systems, facilitating exchange of ideas among experts in the field.

The Organizing Committee: Yshai Avishai (Ben-Gurion University), Yuval Gefen (the Weizmann Institute) and Yigal Meir (Ben-Gurion University).

The list of confirmed invited speakers includes:

O. Agam  (NEC)                        M. Kastner (MIT)

I. Aleiner (NEC)                      L. Kouwenhoven (Delft)

Y. Alhassid (Yale)                    B. Kramer (Hamburg)

B. L. Altshuler (Princeton/NEC)       L. Levitov (MIT)

R. Ashoori (MIT)                      C. Marcus (Stanford)

R. Berkovits (Bar Ilan)               K. Matveev (Duke)

                                      D. Ralph (Cornell)

D. Esteve (Saclay)                    G. Schoen (Karlsruhe)

L. Glazman (Minnesota)                B. Shklovskii (Minnesota)

H. Grabert (Freiburg)                 U. Sivan (Technion)

R. Haug (Hannover)                    A. Stern (Weizmann)

M. Heiblum (Weizmann)                 S. Tarucha (NTT)


Pictures availavle !! press here.

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Invited speakers can submit here their abstracts,

Press here for an application form

Apllications for participation in the workshop can also be sent via regular mail from :

Quantum Dots workshop, Physics Department,
Ben-Gurion University, Beer Sheva 84105, ISRAEL

or by Email to .

Approved applicants can submit their posters here.

The relevant fax number at Ben-Gurion University is 972-7-6472904.

The deadline for applications is July 15th, 1997.

For other questions and reguests, please send Email to

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