Japanese - Israeli Binational meeting on
Interaction and Disorder in
Low-Dimensional Electronic Systems
Names of speakers and time of lectures Hour Monday May 5 Tuesday May 6 Wednesday May 7 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1000 - 1030 Opening. I. Bar Joseph Y. Gefen 1030 - 1100 T. Ando U. Meirav Y. Tokura 1100 - 1130 B. Horovitz U. Sivan Y. Imry 1130 - 1200 Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break 1200 - 1230 E. Kogan A. Kawabata Y. Meir 1230 - 1300 A. Palevski A. Finkelstein E. Buks 1300 - 1430 Lunch Lunch Lunch 1430 - 1500 A. Stern B. Shapiro E. Akkermans 1500 - 1530 Y. Hatsugai F. Nihey J. E. Avron 1530 - 1600 Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break 1600 - 1630 G. Jung S. Kawaji O. Entin 1630 - 1700 Z. Ovadyahu A. Auerbach A. Aharony 1700 - 1730 M. Weger M. Azbel S. Hikami ---------------------------------------------------------------------- List of Chair(wo)men: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Morning Y. Avishai E. Shimshoni R. Berkovits Afternoon M. Feingold L. Pitaevski S. Gredeskul ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- List of speakers and titles of talks

A. Aharony (Tel Aviv University)

Is quantum percolation a new universality class for localization?

E. Akkermans (The Technion)

Twisted boundary conditions and transport in complex systems.

T. Ando (ISSP University of Tokyo)

Quantum Hall effect: Crossover from Quantum to Classical Regime.

A. Auerbach (The Technion)

Transport through the Quantum Hall Insulator.

J. E. Avron (The Technion)

Chiral boundary conditions: A dichotomy of bulk and edge states for quantum billiards.

M. Azbel' (Tel Aviv University)

Coulomb interaction and alternating persistent currents in quantum dot

I. Bar Joseph (Weizmann Institute)

Shakeup processes in the photoluminescence of a two-dimensional electron gas.

E. Buks (Weizmann Institute of Science)

Dephasing due to "Which Path?" detector

O. Entin-Wohlman (Tel Aviv University)

Orbital Magnetism and electron - phonon interaction.

A. Finkelstein (Weizmann Institute)

Backscattering in Tomonaga-Luttinger liquids.

Y. Gefen (Weizmann Institute)

The Altshuler - Aronov Zero bias anomaly and the Coulomb blockade.

Y. Hatsugai (University of Tokyo - Hongo)

Multifractal Wavefunctions of a two-dimensional

Dirac fermion on a lattice with randomness.

S. Hikami (University of Tokyo - Komaba) Summary talk.

B. Horovitz (Ben Gurion University)

Attraction of extended states in the quantum Hall effect.

Y. Imry (Weizmann Institute)

Delocalization, inelastic scattering and transport in quantum-dot systems due to interactions.

G. Jung (Ben Gurion University)

Coherent flow of Abrikosov vortices in multiple one-dimensional channels.

A. Kawabata (Gakushuin University)

Interaction effects on the conductance in one dimensional systems.

S. Kawaji (Gakushuin University)

Experimental Researches into Breakdown of the Quantum Hall Effect.

E. Kogan (Bar Ilan University)

Mesoscopic fluctuations at the quantum Hall transition.

Y. Meir (Ben Gurion University)

Dephasing and the Orthogonality Catastrophe

in Tunneling through a Quantum Dot

U. Meirav (Weizmann Institute)

Electron-electron scattering in surface superlattices.

F. Nihey (NEC)

Insulator to quantum Hall liquid transition in antidot lattices.

Z. Ovadyahu (Hebrew University)

Superconducting transport through Anderson insulators.

A. Plaevski (Tel Aviv University)

Current distribution in the quantum Hall regime.

B. Shapiro (The Technion)

Orbital magnetism in quantum dots.

U. Sivan (The Technion)

The compressibility of strongly interacting fermions.

A. Stern (Weizmann Institute)

The half filled Landau level: Linear response and Coulomb drag.

Y. Tokura and S. Tarucha (NTT)

Spin configuration of interacting electrons in confining structures.

M. Weger (Hebrew University)

A Mesoscopic Charge Density Wave in the Cuprates.