IPS 2008 - Parallel Sessions

List of the parallel sessions
 Parallel SessionRoomChairAssistant
14:00-16:00 A1. Solid state physics - superconductivity I92/001Jorge Berger (Ort Braude)Barboy, Ilan
A2. Solid state physics - nanophysics I 02/002Efrat Shimshoni (BIU)Machluf, Shimon
A3. Soft condensed matter and biophysics90/227Yitzhak Rabin (BIU)Gilboa, Barak 
A4. Statistical physics I90/226Ron Lifshitz (TAU)Shusterman, Olga 
A5. Quantum physics 90/224Avraham Schiller (HUJI)Aviv, Gal 
A6. Optics90/222Yaron Silberberg (WIS)Golan, Amir  
A7. High energy physics I90/223Barak Kol (HUJI)Levy, Daniel 
A8. Astrophysics I90/230Rennan Barkana (TAU)Barzilay, Yudith 
A9. Non-linear physics90/225David Kessler (BIU)Kletter, Assaf 
16:30-18:30 B1. Solid state physics - superconductivity II 92/001Amit Keren (Technion)Erez, Amir 
B2. Solid state physics - nanophysics II92/002Yuval Gefen (WIS)Moshe, Ofer 
B3. Biophysics90/227Oleg Krichevsky (BGU) Maman, Nizan 
B4. Statistical physics II90/226Ron Lifshitz (TAU)Shusterman, Olga 
B5. Solid state physics - magnetic and electric properties90/224Alexander Gerber (TAU)Levy, Roi 
B6. Plasma physics90/222Michael Mond (BGU)Haim, Lev 
B7. High energy physics II90/223Barak Kol (HUJI)Ben-Dayan, Ido 
B8. Astrophysics II90/230Rennan Barkana (TAU)Barzilay, Yudith 

A1. Solid state – superconductivity I
chair: J. Berger (Braude)
Assistant: Barboy, Ilan
Room: 92/001
114:01 Keren AmitExperimental investigation of the coupling between magnetic and superconducting order parameters in underdoped LSCO thin films
214:13 Golubchik DanielMagneto-optical imaging of phase transitions out of equilibrium
314:25 Barness DoronMagnetic flux oscillations in partially irradiated Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+x crystals
414:37 Leibovitch GuyBean-Livingstone barrier enhancement on nodal surface of the d-wave superconductor YBa2Cu3O7-x
514:49 Kraus KobiObserving Majorana Zero Modes in a Px+iPy Superconductor at High Temperature by Tunneling Spectroscopy
615:01 Shwartz EliVortex annihilation effect on ac magnetic response in type-II superconductors
715:13 Dvash EyalDendritic Instability of Magnetic Flux in Anisotropic Type-II Superconducting Slab.
815:25 Meidan DganitSuperconductor insulator transition in thin films driven by an orbital parallel magnetic field effect
915:37 Ovadia MaozThe superconductor-insulator transition: is there a new insulating state?
1015:49 Zaberchik MoranProperties of superconducting TiSe2Cux

A2. Solid state – nanophysics I
chair: E. Shimshoni (BIU)
Assistant: Machluf, Shimon
Room: 92/002
114:01 Ilani ShahalCoupling of Spin and Orbital Motion of Electrons in Ultra-Clean Carbon Nanotubes
214:25 Bid AveekFabŕy-Perot interferometer in the Quantum Hall regime
314:37 Levy ShaiElectric properties of a MOS structure containing nano-crystalline Ge imbedded into a thick SiO2 film
414:49 Machluf ShimonA novel atom trap based on a carbon nano-tube
515:01 Stotland AlexanderSemilinear response for the heating rate of cold atoms in vibrating traps
615:13 Steiner DovElectronic level structure of semiconductor nanocrystals in 2D arrays and in core/shell heterostructures
715:25 Lewkowicz MeirDynamics of the particle-hole pair creation in suspended graphene
815:37 Freilikher ValentinTransport and localization in periodic and disordered graphene superlattices
915:49 Shafir OrenElectromagnetic radiation emanating from the molecular nanomagnet Fe8

A3. Soft Condensed matter and biophysics
chair: Y. Rabin (BIU)
Assistant: Gilboa, Barak
Room: 90/227
114:01 Diamant HaimCritical swelling of fluctuating capsules
214:25 Frydel DariuszShort time Dynamics in Quasi-One-Dimensional (Q1D) Colloidal Suspension
314:37 Shlomovitz RoieCurved inclusions surf membrane waves.
414:49 Lindner MosheNovel 3D Tethered Particle Motion (TPM)
515:01 Granek RonyActive Transport on Disordered Microtubule Networks: The Generalized Random Velocity Model
615:13 Nir GuyStudying the interactions of a single enzyme and DNA using tethered particle motion method (TPM)
715:25 Naoz MosheA physical model of cellular "feet"
815:37 Rappaport Shay. MModel of DNA Bending by Cooperative Binding of Proteins

A4. Statistical Physics I
chair: R. Lifshitz (TAU)
Assistant: Shusterman, Olga
Room: 90/226
114:01 Taitelbaum HaimReactive-Wetting in Room Temperature: Bulk Spreading and Interface Kinetic Roughening
214:25 Rotman ZivSlow dynamics and glassiness in a lattice model
314:37 Gupta ShamikDynamics of fluctuations in driven diffusive systems: Finite-size effects
414:49 Veksler AlexanderGeneralized fractional Fokker-Planck equation for anomalous diffusion
515:01 Roichman YaelCrossover from sub-diffusion to super-diffusion in a tilted washboard potential
615:13 Maruvka YosefPolymorphism data may reveal the origin of species abundance statistics. Is it natural selection? or genetic drift?
715:25 Yaari GurIn Random Multiplicative Environments – Charity Pays Off.
815:37 Kenett DrorThe stock market as a complex adaptive system - the functional role of the index

A5. Quantum Physics
chair: A. Schiller (HU)
Assistant: Aviv, Gal
Room: 90/224
114:01 Doucot BenoitPhysical implementation of protected qubits
214:25 Aviv GalBloch Qbit Multiphoton Coherent Manipulations of an Atomic Two-State System
314:37 Shahmoon EphraimQubit Coherent Control with Squeezed Light Fields
414:49 Panich Alexander73Ge nuclear spin decoherence and germanium-based quantum computer
515:01 Amusia MironInterference resonances in endohedral atoms
615:13 Kot EranCoherent Scattering of a Single Atom by Localized BEC in Optical Lattice
715:25 Chuchem MayaDynamics of condensed Bose particles in a driven few site system, and the many body Landau-Zener transition
815:37 Etzioni YoavParticle Dynamics on a Ring Affected by Noisy Environments
915:49 Waxman AmirModulation Enhancement of a Laser Diode in an External Cavity

A6. Optics
chair: Y. Silberberg (WIS)
Assistant: Golan, Amir
Room: 90/222
114:01 Cohen OrenOptically-induced quasi-phase-matching in high-harmonic generation
214:25 Natan AdiStrong field photodissociation control of H2+ with chirped laser pulses
314:37 Golan AmirRaman Spectral Signatures as Conformational Probes of Biomolecules
414:49 Kapilevich BorisTHz Characterization of Lossy Materials Using Multi-Layers Measuring Cell
515:01 Pugatch RamiUniversal Spectra of Coherent Random Recurrence
615:13 Fridman MotiFiber Lasers with Increase Output Brightness
715:25 Grinvald EranPhotonic crystal approach to guided mode resonance
815:37 Gersten AlexanderThe mystery of the connection between the photon wave function and Maxwell's equations

A7. High energy physics I
chair: B. Kol (HU)
Assistant: Levy, Daniel
Room: 90/223
114:01 Stelle KellyIs N=8 Supergravity Finite?
214:40 Brandhuber AndreasHidden structures in gauge theory and gravity
315:20 Bringoltz BarakLattice explorations of QCD flux-tubes/strings, and their large-N limit

A8. Astrophysics I
chair: R. Barkanna (TAU)
Assistant: Barzilay, Yudith
Room: 90/230
114:01 Nakar EhudStudying gamma-ray bursts with the Fermi observatory
214:25 Katz BoazThe energy production rate & the generation spectrum of UHECRs
314:37 Naoz SmadarDetecting the first generation of galaxies through their 21-cm signature
414:49 Woo JoannaEnvironment and Star Formation
515:01 Perets HagaiOn the triple origin of blue stragglers
615:13 Polishook DavidSpin Rate Distribution of Small-Sized Main Belt Asteroids
715:25 Lemze DoronAre large bound objects easy to study? - not for sure!
815:37 Zinger EladThe Role of Gas Streams in the Formation and Structure of Galaxy Clusters

A9. Non-linear physics
chair: D. Kessler (BIU)
Assistant: Kletter, Assaf
Room: 90/225
114:01 Rubinstein Shmuel M.Triggering and control of stick-slip friction
214:25 Efrati EfiElastic theory of unconstrained non-Euclidean plates and shells
314:37 Kletter AssafPeriodic and scale-free patterns: reconciling the dichotomy of dryland vegetation
414:49 Yochelis ArikSelection of periodic and localized states in Reaction-Diffusion-Advection systems
515:01 Kenig EyalPattern selection in parametrically-driven arrays of nonlinear resonators
615:13 Yaakobi OdedMultidimensional, autoresonant three-wave interactions
715:25 Nathan JonathanModeling community-level properties of vegetation in a water limited system.

B1. Solid state – superconductivity II
chair: A. Keren (Technion)
Assistant: Erez, Amir
Room: 92/001
116:31 Lindner NetanelVortex quantum dynamics of two dimensional lattice bosons
216:55 Bary-Soroker HamutalEffect of Pair Breaking on Mesoscopic Persistent Currents Well above the Superconducting Transition Temperature
317:07 Erez AmirHow to determine Tc for disordered superconducting films
417:19 Goren LilachEnhancement of the superconducting transition temperature in cuprate heterostructures
517:31 Michaeli KarenFluctuations of the superconducting order parameter as an origin of the Nernst effect
617:43 Diamant ItayAre cuprates BCS superconductors?
717:55 Almog BoazObservation of Andreev Saint-James reflections in nano-scale planar superconductor To ferromagnet contacts
818:07 Lindenfeld Ze'evPairing interaction in ultra-small nano-particles

B2. Solid state – nanophysics II
chair: Y. Gefen (WIS)
Assistant: Moshe, Ofer
Room: 92/002
116:31 Sonin EdouardGauge-field rotation of electrically polarized Bose condensate due to Aharonov-Bohm effect
216:43 Puller VadimBreaking of Phase Symmetry in Non-Equilibrium Aharonov-Bohm Oscillations through a Quantum Dot
316:55 Goldstein MosheInteracting resonant level side-coupled to a Luttinger liquid: Duality to resonant tunneling
417:07 Goberman DotanShot noise and noise power spectrum for tunneling through a quantum dot in the Kondo regime
517:19 Rothstein EitanThe noise spectra of a biased quantum dot
617:31 Ringel ZoharDelayed currents and interaction effects in mesoscopic capacitors.
717:43 Bitton LioraControllable Metallic Quantum Dot
817:55 Moshe OferPerturbing GaN/AlN quantum dots with uniaxial stressors
918:07 Sela ItamarQuantum Stirring of electrons in low dimensional devices

B3. Biophysics
chair: O. Krichevsky (BGU)
Assistant: Maman, Nizan
Room: 90/227
116:31 Bar-Ziv RoyTowards Synthetic Gene Systems on a Chip
216:55 Garini YuvalSpatial and temporal organization of telomeres in the nucleus
317:07 Altman LiatStudying single gene transcription by autocorrelation analysis
417:19 Feingold MarioCell Shape Dynamics with Sub-pixel Accuracy
517:31 Friedlander TamarAdaptive response from state-dependent inactivation
617:43 Labin MosheVision effects caused by glial cells in the retina
717:55 Ankri RinatEstimation of the Optimal Wavelengths for Low-Level-Laser Therapy in Skin Tissue
818:07 Doron ItaiMapping and assessment of epileptogenic foci using frequency-entropy templates

B4. Statistical Physics II
chair: R. Lifshitz (TAU)
Assistant: Shusterman, Olga
Room: 90/226
116:31 Ben-Abraham Shelomo ICrystals and beyond
216:43 Amir Ariel Diffusion of a quantum particle in a time-correlated noisy environment
316:55 Assaf MichaelSpectral theory and WKB approximation for population quasi-stationarity and extinction
417:07 Efraim HadarDual-Transceiver Quantization Can Improve Error Performance in CDMA

B5. Solid State – Magnetic and electric
chair: A. Gerber (TAU)
Assistant: Levy, Roi
Room: 90/224
116:31 Seri SnirTransport properties of Ar+ irradiated SrTiO3
216:43 Wachtel GideonInhomogeneous phases in a double-exchange magnet with long range Coulomb interactions
316:55 Naftalis NetanelAnisotropic magnetoresistance and planar Hall effect in Manganites: The role of crystal symmetry effects
417:07 Golosov DenisTwo-fluid behaviour at the origin of the resistivity peak in doped manganites
517:19 Kanzieper EugeneIntegrable theory of quantum transport in chaotic cavities
617:31 Strelniker YakovManipulating the optical transparency of meta-materials with a strong magnetic field
717:43 Shperber YishaiField induced resistivity anisotropy in SrRuO3 films
817:55 Levy RoiQuantum Hall Insulator
918:07 Ben Shalom MosheAnomalous magneto-transport properties of a two dimensional electron gas formed at the interface between the insulators SrTiO3 and LaAlO3
1018:19 Rosenblatt Daniel PabloExtraordinary Hall effect in thin Co-Pd multilayers

B6. Plasma physics
chair: M. Mond (BGU)
Assistant: Haim, Lev
Room: 90/222
116:31 Fruchtman AmnonThe blue mode in Helicon plasma
216:55 Alumot DrorDetermination of the spatial distribution of the properties and size of plasma at stagnation
317:07 Dyunin EgorA new THz FEL Development Project
417:19 Pinhasi YosefSpace-frequency model for pulsed beam free-electron laser operating in the space-charge (collective) dominated regime
517:31 Barth IdoA water bag model of driven phase space holes in non-neutral plasmas
617:43 Sarid EliAntihydrogen formation and trapping
717:55 Yahalom AsherNon-Stationary Barotropic Magnetohydrodynamics as a Four Function Field Theory

B7. High energy physics II
chair: B. Kol (HU)
Assistant: Ben-Dayan, Ido
Room: 90/223
116:31 Yigal ShamirLattice gauge theory meets technicolor
216:43 Vivek KumarEvolution of Nuclear Shape in the Light Radon Isotopes
316:55 Ben-Dayan IdoPhenomenological Consequences of Modular Inflation
417:07 Blum KfirBeyond MSSM Baryogenesis
517:19 Sadeh IftachLuminosity Measurement at the International Linear Collider
617:31 Boaz KarniCrystal Structure in High Dimensions
717:43 Hochberg YonitSplitting the Wino Multiplet by Higher-Dimensional Operators in Anomaly Mediation
817:55 Stern AmirMeasurement of the energy dependence of the total photon-proton cross-section at HERA
918:07 Stern MeravCorrected Charged Black Strings
1018:19 Reinherz-Aronis ErezOn the transformation from qq-VV’ processes to their pp reactions at the LHC

B8. Astrophysics II
chair: R. Barkanna (TAU)
Assistant: Barzilay, Yudith
Room: 90/230
116:31 Shporer AviSearching For and Studying Transiting Extrasolar Planets
216:55 Myers ZachariaNeutrino Signatures of Dark Matter Annihilation in the Galactic Disc
317:07 Shaham AlonRotational Properties of the Maria Asteroid Family
417:19 Ofir AvivAn Algorithm For The Detection Of Transiting Circumbinary Planets