Honor System


We allow abstract submissions prior to registration. The entrence to the password protected submission site implies declaration that you are going to register online before the meeting, and make the required payments latest at the meeting. After the deadline, submissions of non-registered users will be removed from the database.  Click here to enter the IPS site for both registration and payments.


In order to enter the submission site UserName and Password are required. This information has been distributed to all faculty members via the physics office of their home institution (it is the same UserName and Password for all). Faculty members are allowed to give their students the permission to submit abstracts after they check and approve their presentation.  Click here to enter the submission site.

Note for Students

We encourage any student that has interesting research results to submit an abstract. Ask your adviser to approve your submission and to give you the UserName and the Password of the submission site. Please feel free to play with the submission form, and press "submit" once you are happy with the result.