Click here to enter the IPS site for both registration and payments. There are IPS membership fee and IPS meeting registration fee. You can pay either or both. Those who submit an abstract are obliged to fill the online registration form before the meeting,  and to pay both the membership and registration fees. The rates for each payment are:
IPS Membership Fee: Continuing members are eligible for a 10% discount. Furthermore, if you choose to pay at for at least 2 years, you are eligible for another 10% discount. (e.g., if you choose to pay for 2 years of regular membership, your fees will be 0.9*(200+200*0.9) = 340 NIS [after rounding down]). You will see these reductions when you generate your payment form.
IPS meeting registration Fee: If you are already an IPS member, or you are currently paying the membership fees, you will automatically be paying the reduced conference registration fees. You will see this reduction when you generate your payment form.