IPS meeting

The 54th Annual Meeting
of the Israel Physical Society

Ben Gurion University, 28-Dec-2008

The 54th annual meeting of the Israel Physical Society will be held on 28-Dec-2008 in the Marcus Family campus of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev at Beer-Sheva.

IPS meeting


The gathering point is the Zonnenfeld Auditorium (building #73) while the other sessions will be held at building #90 in the other side of the Campus. Entrance to BGU with a car will be possible to registered IPS members only. Please show at the entrance a printout of an entrance permit which is generated via registration (details in the registration link which is available in the menu on the left). For maps and directions, including information on in-campus and out-of-campus parking locations and food spots see information for visitors.

  בניין  73  -   אולם זוננפלד (התאספות)
  בניין  90  -   מקום הכינוס בהמשך היום
  בניין  54  -   בניין המחלקה לפיסיקה

  נקודות אוכל: 
  1. מנזת סטודנטים בשרית - בנין 70 כניסה דרומית
  2. מנזת סגל בשרית - בנין 70 כניסה מזרחית
  3. קרנף - בר סלטים ומרקים - בנין 28
  4. למון גראס - אסייתי - בנין 32
  5. ארומה - בית קפה - בנין 74
  6. מקדונלד'ס - מתחם בנין 90

IPS meeting


    Refreshments and fast track registration [1,2]
Zonnenfeld hall
      Plenary session
    chair: Prof. Amnon Aharony (BGU)
09:50-10:00     Welcome:
    Prof. Rivka Carmi (BGU president)
10:00-10:15     Opening and IPS prizes:
    Prof. Avishai Dekel  (IPS president)
10:15-11:00     Plenary Lecture:
    Prof. Moty Heiblum (WIS),
    Fractionally charged quasiparticles in the fractional quantum Hall effect.
    Registration for non-registered participants [1,2], Posters and Fairs [3]
  Review 1
High energy and Astrophysics
chair: R. Brustein (BGU)
Review 2
Quantum and Solid state physics

chair: G. Deutscher (TAU)
Review 3
Biophysics and Statistical Physics

chair: E. Domany (WIS)
11:40-12:10 LHC - a theorist's perspective,
Yossi Nir (WIS)
Experimental quantum information processing - the |\psi\rangle of the art,
Nadav Katz (HU)
From bioinformatics to systems biology: what's the physicist's role?
Eli Eisenberg (TAU)
12:10-12:40 Magnetars,
David Eichler (BGU)
Electronic structure of the cuprate superconducting and pseudogap states from spectroscopic imaging STM,
Seamus Davis (Cornell)
Imaging physical concepts: A review of Bose-Einstein condensation,
Jeff Steinhauer (Technion)
    Lunch break,  PostersTrade fair,  Job fair [4], IPS council meeting [5]
Parallel sessions A 
Bldg. 90
16:00-16:30      Coffee break
Parallel sessions B

[1] Fast track registration is intended for those who have registered in advance and filled the payment webform.
[2] There will be 6 PC stands available for web browsing, as well as wireless network coverage for guests. 
[3] Posters and fairs are expected to be available from 11:00
at the 2nd and 1st floor lobbies of Bldg.90.
[4] Posters and fairs are expected to be available from 12:40 till 18:30.
[5] The IPS Council will be held at room 90/129, during 12:45-13:45.
[6] There are stairs down from the lobby of Bldg.90 that lead to the lecture rooms 92/001 and 92/002.

List of the parallel sessions
 Parallel SessionRoomChairAssistant
14:00-16:00 A1. Solid state physics - superconductivity I 92/001 Jorge Berger (Ort Braude) Barboy, Ilan
A2. Solid state physics - nanophysics I 02/002 Efrat Shimshoni (BIU) Machluf, Shimon
A3. Soft condensed matter and biophysics90/227 Yitzhak Rabin (BIU) Gilboa, Barak 
A4. Statistical physics I90/226 Ron Lifshitz (TAU) Shusterman, Olga 
A5. Quantum physics 90/224 Avraham Schiller (HUJI) Aviv, Gal 
A6. Optics90/222 Yaron Silberberg (WIS) Golan, Amir  
A7. High energy physics I90/223 Barak Kol (HUJI) Levy, Daniel 
A8. Astrophysics I90/230 Rennan Barkana (TAU) Barzilay, Yudith 
A9. Non-linear physics90/225 David Kessler (BIU) Kletter, Assaf 
16:30-18:30 B1. Solid state physics - superconductivity II 92/001 Amit Keren (Technion) Erez, Amir 
B2. Solid state physics - nanophysics II92/002 Yuval Gefen (WIS) Moshe, Ofer 
B3. Biophysics 90/227 Oleg Krichevsky (BGU) Maman, Nizan 
B4. Statistical physics II 90/226 Ron Lifshitz (TAU) Shusterman, Olga 
B5. Solid state physics - magnetic and electric properties90/224 Alexander Gerber (TAU) Levy, Roi 
B6. Plasma physics 90/222 Michael Mond (BGU) Haim, Lev 
B7. High energy physics II 90/223 Barak Kol (HUJI) Ben-Dayan, Ido 
B8. Astrophysics II 90/230 Rennan Barkana (TAU) Barzilay, Yudith 

IPS meeting Fast track registration
Those who fill in advance the payment form enjoy fast track registration in the reception desk. The others will have to wait for a PC stand where assistants will help them to access the form in the IPS site. Optionally it can be done using your own PC using the BGU wireless network.
Instructions how to access the BGU wireless network
You have the possibility to connect to the BGU non secure wireless network called WL_GEUSTS. Please verify that your internet browser is not set to use a proxy server. Then, after connecting, surf with it to any site. A security alert should pop up. Choose OK. Then in the next screen, enter the username physics and the password           . After the identification all the network and internet services are accessible.
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