Quantum Electronics

DIP German-Israeli Collaboration

Concluding meeting, Eilat, Jan. 17, 2003




Thursday evening, 20:00  -  Reception



     Friday  17/1



     09:00-09:30                 Registration


     09:30-10:00                 J. Smet  MPI Stuttgart


                                     Zero-resistance transport in a 2DES under microwave excitation                      


     10:10-10:40                 Y. Gefen    Weizmann institute


                                     Quantum interferometry with electrons: interplay between spin and


Interactions                        .


      10:50-11:05                  A. Auerbach    Weizmann institute


                                      The  Puddles Network Model of Disordered Quantum Hall Systems



      11:10-11:40                   Coffee break



      11:40-11:55                   U. Zuelicke    Universität Karlsruhe


                                      Strongly correlated fractional-quantum-Hall line junctions


      12:00-12:15                  A. Stern      Weizmann institute


A dc voltage step-up transformer based on a bi-layer quantum


Hall System





       12:20-12:50           F.  Hohl      Universität Hannover


                      The quantum Hall plateau transition: universal scaling and                                                 

             conductance Fluctuations.



      13:00-15:30            Lunch break



      15:30-16:00    R. Haug     Universität Hannover


                                             Transport through Quantum Rings and Dots


       16:10-16:40                Y. Avishai   Ben-Gurion University


                                              Tunneling in triple quantum dots or Cerocene              



       16:50-17:20                  Coffee break



       17:20-17:35     J. Göres     MPI Stuttgart


                                                 Electron correlation effects in the N = 2 Landau Level


        17:40-17:55                 B. Horovitz    Ben-Gurion University


                                               Spin and thermal Hall effects in Superconductors


        18:00-18:15     S. Shnirman     Universität Karlsruhe


                                                 Dissipation in solid state qubits


        18:20-18:50                 A. Yacoby      Weizmann institute


                                                 microscopic imaging of localization in the integer and


  fractional QHE                                   .


         19:00-19-15     K. von Klitzing  MPI Stuttgart


                                             Concluding remarks




          20:00                         Concluding Dinner