Spatial and temporal organization of telomeres in the nucleus & novel high resolution microscopy methods

Yuval Garini

Physics Department & Nanotechnology Institute, Bar Ilan University

The human genome contains tenth of thousands of genes that are organized in chromosomes and packed in the nucleus of the cell in a non-random manner. We are studying the organization of the genome in normal and cancer cells by observing the telomeres and the telomeres dynamics. The distribution of the telomeres is found to be cell-cycle dependent and in tumor cells the telomeres form aggregates. We are currently studying the telomere fusion dynamics by following the telomeres in living cells. These studies require combining three-dimensional microscopy, image processing algorithms and novel physics methods. We also study the interaction of DNA and proteins by using tethered particle motion, a method that we are further developing, as well as other high resolution three dimensional microscopy methods.