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Signal and Noise in Experimental Physics

(2.5 points, 3 hours)
course number 203-2-5001



Signals, systems, and noise in experiments: Continuous and discrete signals, time and frequency domain, random signals, spectral and correlation functions, sampling theory, Nyquist frequency, aliasing, basic data acquisition systems. Signal acquisition and computer interfacing techniques (optimal): Microprocessor encoding, serial and parallel communications, GPIB, HS 488, VXI, D/A and A/D conversion, hardware and software solutions. Systems: Linear systems, step response and transfer functions, frequency characteristics, feed back loop, mixer, noise and correlation, quadruples. Spectral analysis: Dynamic signal analysis, discrete Fourier transform, FFT, data windowing, heterodyne signal analysis, network analysis, harmonic distortion, Smith chart. Noise in physical systems: Noise and interference, thermal noise, shot noise, random telegraph noise, 1/f noise. Extraction of signals from noise: Noise figure and noise temperature, filtering and averaging, lock-in techniques. Dissipation and fluctuation theorem (optional). Stochastic Resonance (optional). Quantum devices (optional): Superconductivity, magnetic screening, flux quantization. Weak superconductivity, Josephson effects. Superconducting quantum interferometers. Cryoelectronics, SQUID, Volt standard, detectors, digital devices. Single electron devices.


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