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Selected Topics in Quantum Field Theory

(2 points, 2 hours)
course number 203-2-4751



1. Discussion of student lectures – Michael Lublinsky
2. Bound States in QFT – David Owen
3. Solitons in one-dimensional solid state systems and fractional charge - Eytan Grosfeld

4. Dynamical volume element of space-time manifold and its outputs: the cosmological constant problem; the fifth force problem; etc. – Alex Kaganovich
5. Black Hole spectroscopy – Uri Keshet
6. QFT on a light cone – Michael Lublinsky

May Mini-course on “Confinement” by Prof. Alex Kovner.
7. Introduction to the problem of Confinement – A. K.
8. Monopoles and vortices - topological excitations as a possible driving force – A. K.
9. Georgi-Glashow model in 2+1 dimension: a solvable case study. – A. K.
9a. (Optional) Confinment-Deconfinent transition in Georgi-Glashow model – A.K.

10. Student Lectures
11. Student Lectures
12. Student Lectures

Proposed topics for student lectures:
Instantons and Solitons, Quantum Anomalies, AdS/CFT, Supersymmetry, Non-linear sigma-model, 1/N expansion, Conformal field theories, QFT in curved space-time, Hawking radiation, more …

In the beginning of semester, each student will be assigned an advanced topic unrelated to his research and will have to give a blackboard lecture on this topic. The lecture will serve as a basis for final grading.


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