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How to use mimetex?

You can easily have equations in your HTML file. Simply use the "insert > image" option of your HTML editor:
insert image box

This will produce the following HTML tag    <img src=" F(a,b)=\frac{1}{b-a}\int_a^b f(x,\alpha) dx">

If you are online the browser will show       F(a,b) = \frac{1}{b-a}\int_a^b f(x,\alpha) dx
If you are offline the browser will show    F(a,b)=\frac{1}{b-a}\int_a^b f(x,\alpha) dx

Please do not forget to place a copy of your formula in the alternate text field. This helps in the case of re-editing!

Tips: You have typed the first formula. If you want to adjust its vertical positioning relative to the text goto "appearnace" in order to select the desired alignment ("in the center" looks the best). Now you have to insert a second formula. For this purpose copy the first formula; double click it; re-edit the "alternate text" field; paste what you have typed into the URL field; goto "dimensions" and click "actual size" to readjust the image size.

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