RLC Circuits

An LC circuit has an inductance of 3.0 mH and a capacitance of 10 mF. Calculate (a) the angular frequency and (b) the period of oscillation. (c) At time t = 0 the capacitor is charged to 200 mC, and the current is zero. Sketch roughly the charge on the capacitor as a function of time
A single loop circuit consists of a 7.22 W resistor, a 12.3 H inductor, and a 3.18 mF capacitor. Initially, the capacitor has a charge of 6.31 mC and the current is zero. Calculate the charge on the capacitor N complete cycles later for N = 5, 10, and 100.
How much resistance R should be connected to an inductor L = 220 mH and capacitor C = 12 mF in series in order that the maximum charge on the capacitor decays to 99% of its initial value in 50 cycles?