RLC Circuits

A solenoid 85.3 cm long has a cross-sectional area of 17.2 cm2. There are 950 turns of wire carrying a current of 6.57 A. (a) Calculate the magnetic field energy density inside the solenoid. (b) Find the total energy stored in the magnetic field inside the solenoid. (Neglect effects near the ends of the solenoid.)
A coil is connected in series with a 10.4 kW resistor. When a 55.0 V battery is applied to the two elements, the current reaches a value of 1.96 mA after 5.20 ms. (a) Find the inductance of the coil. (b) How much energy is stored in the coil at this same moment?
An oscillating LC circuit consisting of a 1.13 nF capacitor and a 3.17 mH coil has a peak potential drop of 2.87 V. Find (a) the maximum charge on the capacitor, (b) the peak current in the circuit, and (c) the maximum energy stored in the magnetic field of the coil.