RLC Circuits

A circular coil has a 10.3 cm radius and consists of 34 closely wound turns of wire. An externally produced magnetic field of 2.62 mT is perpendicular to the coil. (a) If no current is in the coil, what is the number of flux linkages, NFB, for the solenoid. (b) When the current in the coil is 3.77 A in a certain direction, the net flux through the coil is found to vanish. Find the inductance of the coil.
The inductance of a closely wound N-turn coil is such that an emf of 3.0 mV is induced when the current changes at the rate of 5.0 A/s. A steady state current of 8.0 A produces a magnetic flux of 40 mWb through each turn. (a) Calculate the inductance of the coil. (b) How many turns does the coil have?
A toroid having a 5.20 cm square cross-section and an inside radius of 15.3 cm has 536 turns of wire and carries a current of 810 mA. Calculate the magnetic flux through a cross-section.