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Methods in Experimental Physics

(2.5 points, 3 hours)
course number 203-2-4611



Vacuum and Ultra-High Vacuum: Fundamentals of vacuum, free gas, volume and surface gas, flow of gas, pumping techniques, vacuum measurements (pressure and spectral measurements), vacuum equipment, applications of vacuum techniques. Ion and thin film techniques: Thermal evaporation (electron gun, laser ablation, reactive deposition). Ion techniques, plasma fundamentals, sputtering, magnetron discharge, ion guns, implantation, etching. Chemical and electro-chemical methods, CVD (chemical vapor deposition). Crystal growth and epitaxial growth (optional). Pattern definition, photolitography, etching. Methods of surface and structure analysis, X-rays, STM, TEM, SIMS, AES, NNA, RBS, XES. (optional). Experiments at low tempratures: Cryogens, properties of materials at low tempratures, quantum liquids. He4 and He3 cryostats, closed cycle refrigerators, dilution refrigerators. Low temprature measurement techniques. Ultra-low tempratures, Pomeranchuk cooling, magnetic cooling. Temprature measurements, thermodynamics and practical scales, thermometers. Ultra sensitive quantum measurments (optional): Superconductivity, magnetic screening, flux quantization. Weak superconductivity, Josephson effects. Superconducting quantum interferometers. Cryoelectronics, SQUID, Volt standard, detectors, digital devices.


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