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Computational Physics

(3 points, 3 hours)
course number 203-2-5231




programming course: engineering programming (371.1.1671) or computer programming (202.1.9011) or equivalent.

Course Plan:

  1. Overview of compiled Low-level languages: fortran, C++, python
  2. Overview of interpreted languages: Matlab, Mathematica, IDL
  3. Numerics: precision, stability, bottlenecks, computer structure
  4. Solution methods: iteration, bisection, Newton, secant, linear algebra
  5. Minimization and maximization: Brent, Newton, simulated annealing
  6. Interpolation and extrapolation: polynomial, spline, Laplace
  7. Numerical differentiation and integration
  8. Statistical description of data: modeling, comparing distributions
  9. Spectral methods, FFT, wavelet transforms
  10. Monte Carlo simulations
  11. ODE methods: finite differences, adaptive, Euler, shooting, relaxation
  12. PDE methods: reduction, relaxation, multi-grid


  1. Numerical recipes (Press, Teukolsky, Vetterling, Flannery 2007)
  2. Computational physics (Hjorth-Jensen 2003)
  3. A survey of computational physics (Princeton 2008)


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