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Classical and Modern Optics

(3.5 points, 4 hours)
course number 203-1-2181



  • Electromagnetic Theory, Maxwell's equations, E-M waves, Energy, Momentum, Poynting vector, light in bulk matter, index of refraction, dispersion relation n(ω)
  • Propagation of light, Rayleigh scattering, reflection, refraction, Fermat's principle, the Fresnel equations, total internal reflection, optical properties of metals
  • Geometric optics, lenses, mirrors, fiberoptics, optical systems, thick lenses, analytical ray tracing, aberrations, GRIN systems
  • Superposition of waves, same and different frequencies, anharmonic periodic waves
  • Polarization, polarizers, dichroism, birefringence, polarization by reflection, circular polarizers, optical modulation, liquid crystals
  • Interference, interferometers, multiple beam approaches
  • Diffraction, Fraunhofer diffraction, Fresnel Diffraction
  • Sources

    1. Optics, 4th Edition, Eugene Hecht (primary) ISBN 0-321-18878-0
    2. Klein, M.V., Furtak, T.E., Optics, 2nd Ed.


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