Dr. Daniel Rohrlich





Born: 1954, USA


Academic Qualifications:


Academic Position:

Atom Chip Group and Physics Department
Ben Gurion University of the Negev
Beersheba 84105


Research Interests:

Fundamental aspects and effects of quantum mechanics; quantum measurements; quantum information; cold-atom physics; Bose-Einstein condensates; path integrals; field theory


Research Projects:

Interferometry of clocks; "weak" values in theory and in atomic physics; a new axiomatic basis for quantum mechanics; retrocausality in and beyond quantum mechanics; see also "John Templeton Foundation grant" and "Israel Science Foundation grant" (listed below)



Abstracts of Current Research:

  • D. Rohrlich,  Stronger-than-quantum bipartite correlations violate relativistic causality in the classical limit.  [Submitted to Phys. Rev. Lett.]  Superquantum ("PR-box") correlations, though designed to respect relativistic causality, violate relativistic causality in the classical limit. Generalizing to all stronger-than-quantum bipartite correlations, I derive Tsirelson's bound from the axioms of nonlocality, relativistic causality and the existence of a classical limit. This derivation of Tsirelson's bound does not assume quantum mechanics yet shows how Hilbert space is implicit in quantum correlations.

  • Y. Aharonov, S. Popescu, D. Rohrlich and P. Skrzypczyk, Quantum Cheshire Cats. [New J. Phys., to appear]  In this paper we present a quantum Cheshire Cat.  In a pre- and post-selected experiment we find the Cat in one place, and its grin in another. The Cat is a photon, while the grin is its circular polarization.

  • Y. Aharonov, S. Popescu and D. Rohrlich, A paradox of nonlocal energy conservation.  [In preparation]  A superposition of low-energy photon eigenstates may oscillate, in some region, at a frequency corresponding to a much higher-energy photon.  Relativistic causality then implies that a detector in that region, at that time, may find a high-energy photon there. The resolution of this paradox involves both weak values and modular variables.



Some recent publications:


Keywords: quantum effects, nonlocality, quantum information, decoherence, path integrals



Scientific publications

Lost causes in physics, by R. F. Streater


Quantum Paradoxes

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Atom Chip Group

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Quantum (Information) Theory meetings


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