Eyal Shafran

Eyal Shafran
M.Sc. student
Physics department
Ben-Gurion University
Beer-Sheva 84105 Israel
Email: shafrane@bgu.ac.il
Phone: 08-6461176
Location: 62/215

Advisors:  Dr. Oleg Krichevsky
            Dr. Anne Bernheim-Groswasser

Lab page

Research subject: "Dynamic of actin filaments in an "active" solution"

The research in more details:
In the cell, protein filaments such as actin, interact with other
filaments such as motile motors and cross linkers, adding to the complexity of the dynamics.
Myosin II is a motor protein that can bind tightly to F-actin, cross link between two actin filaments,
and uses ATP hydrolysis to move along the filament in a bias direction. Actin filaments
together with myosin play an important role in muscle contraction and other cellular functions.
We utilize FCS measurements in order to infer the dynamics of an actin - myosin II solution, in particular the kinetics of the myosin-actin network.

Press the microscope
Related articles (not written by me):

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