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Course Plan


Week Subject Recomended Reading
1-2 General motivation, The photoelectric effect, Waves, Photons - energy and momentum. Double-slit experiment – a qualitative description. De Broglie Principle. The Drude model classically explaining conduction, The failure of the classical model. Fourier Transform -
3-4 Probability function, Schrödinger equation, Normalization, a wave packet describing a free particle (discrete or continuous Fourier transform representation), Uncertainty principle for a wave packet, Time independent Schrödinger equation -
5-6 An infinite potential well - in one, two and three dimensions, a square well, Definition of degeneracy, Density of states, Tunneling
7-8 The basic concepts of quantum mechanics: a definition of a state, physical variables as operators, the principal of spectral decomposition, an expectation value, standard deviation, commutation relations, probability current
9 One-dimensional harmonic oscillator, a raising or lowering operator (" ladder" operators) -
10 A lattice, the reciprocal lattice, Brillouin zone -
11-12 A Particle in a periodic potential, Bloch's theorem, the Kronig-Penny model, energy bands, energy gap, conduction as explined by quantum theory, effective mass -



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